Thursday, December 31, 2009

last day of 2009

wow, I can't believe today is the last day of 2009
This morning I was talking with Noelle and
we were thinking what we have done this year.
And I started to think...

(made in Feb.09)

well... this is the year that I really focus on pottery
last year this time I quit Leslie and decided to work on my art more

(made in May.09)

and I am kind of proud of what I archived this year,
I did couple craft fair and shows
also I found out I really love teaching.

(made in July.09)

I know it's a long way to become a ass kicking artist potter
but I know I want to be one so I will keep working.

(made in Aug.09)

I want to thank everyone that bought my piece this year (or any time)
every time when I sold a piece I feel someone is appreciate what I do.
(made in Oct.09)

So thank you who ever you are!! and I wish everyone have a great new year coming up!!!

(last batch of 2009)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

chill out time :-)

Last weekend was so awesome!!
Because whole weekend just playing and no work!!
Especially don't need to worry about shows and open studio, great :-)

anyway, Saturday is a very productive day for me.
I went to Takemi's open studio. He had a great set up for his pottery.
also I met Rokco!! He is Takemi's dog, so cute!!!

here are some photo of his work, and they are so nice and affordable!!
and I got a really nice vase!

after that me and Sara and Noelle went to the renegade craft fair in the city.
I bought some of the Christmas gift there, it's so cool!!

after the renegade, me and Noelle went to Compound gallery to check out the Holiday show

I just love their set up, I just love this gallery :-) everything is so cute!!

and that's not it!!

I also went to Ben and Sara's (different Sara) house for a music party.
I LOVE Sara's song, she is so great at making music!!

she was in two bend that night, both are so differnt but so cool in differnt way :-)

that's my Saturday! It was so packed with so much fun!!
anyway, I wish you also had a great weekend
and great holiday coming up!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

look what I found :-)

I was just browsing on line, and think maybe someone would post picture of Bazaar Bizarr from last weekend, so I search my name.

and look what I found!!!

Check out 12/16/09

oh, made me so happy :-)

Monday, December 14, 2009

good times :-)

Wow, what a weekend...
Last weekend is our second weekend of open studio
also is my Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco.
So I have to do the set up all without Jason's help ;-(
Lucky, I change my display so everything can fit in my car!!

And this is where we sale in San Francisco, it's really nice and warm inside
also we have DJ the whole time (he rocks!!)

So this is my set up! and I can hide behind the shelves :-p

And I am so lucky that I am vending with Chanda, she is the one help me with EVERYTHING!!!
she teach me everything about the show's and also help me during the show!

And here is Chanda's boyfriend Chris! He is totally my savior!!!
he will come and help me just with a phone call, also help me pack up my car!!!
They are the BEST!!! Thank god I have them :-)

well, the show have lots of people coming and look and I got lots of good feedback
but since my items are in higher price range so my days are kind of slow.
so most of time I just play with my ruby's cube and cell phone or draw...

anyway, the best thing about this kind of show is trading with other artist!!
This is Erin and her mom!! we trade our work!! I got the pillow that she is holding in the picture.
It's so cute, I love it! and when Jason saw it, he said it is a really good trade!!

Also I trade with Laura, she made some awesome jewelery. It's very sculpture!
I really like it a lot, when I have money, that's something that I want to buy...

so that's my weekend! It's a lot of work to do this kind of show, but it's also very rewarding because you get to talk to other artist and people who appreciate your work.

anyway, now I am just happy that I can relax and catching up play farmvile (facebook game...)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Open Studio

It's that time of the year again....
Holiday season, also is our winter open studio.
Last weekend was our first weekend of two, we have some friends over to show with us
so we can hang out and selling in the same time ;-)

This year we invited Mikeal from Bicycle coffee company
He roast these coffee locally, and it's goooooood!!!

so we drink coffee the whole day ;-)

also here we have Sara Kagan
Here are some of her work, so cool ;-)

And Darren Cockrell!
And of course our BFF Noelle Nakama :-)

so if you have time this weekend Dec, 12 and 13
come by and have some coffee with us :-)

ps. I won't be here because I will be in city selling in bazaar bizarre. :-(

Saturday, December 5, 2009 damn cold....

Yesterday was the CAB+ show, It was a huge ceramist party!!
I had so much fun just to see all the cool artist and see cool works.
And here is our (me and Jason) set up, as you can see the background is bags of raw material
this show was in Leslie Ceramic's warehouse. Anyway, I had smile on my face whole night

The reason why is------------(drum roll please.....)
I made a trade with Christa Assada!! she wants to buy my plate.
I was so flatter!! She is one of the potter that I really admire!!
(there is Bob and Josie)

I also made a trade with Josie! And Bob Brady bought one of my plate too!!
that really mean something to me, people that I look up to recognize my work

(Chanda the panda :-) so cute!!)

for me that is priceless,
I know I still have long way to go to become a kick ass awesome potter
but I know will keep trying!!

(Noelle's cool set up)

Anyway, today we had our first day of open studio. It went really well.
Tomorrow we are going to have couple of our friends over to show with us.

(this is Joe and Rosa, they are just too cute)

I can't wait... because it's going to be fun :-)
so if you have time, stop by and hang out!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

CAB+ and Holidayland

Today is my day off so I can stay home and clean my house (or watch tv whole day)
And I need to get ready for CAB show that is tomorrow night, and this weekend's open studio.
anyway, this Friday is also the first Friday event in Oakland so you can stop by the compound gallery too!!

so here are the info for all three event

Friday, December 4th from 5pm - 10pm Ceramic Arts of Berkeley (CAB+), hosts their first event, a ceramic art show and sale with over 48 artists working in clay from the Berkeley California area. Support local artists this holiday with a gift of art, the sale will be located at Leslie Ceramic Supply, 1212 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA! Also 10% of the purchase price will be donated to the Martin Luther King Jr. middle school.

Here are two of the artist that I LOVE, they both are going to be in the CAB show with me
awesome teapot by Christa Assad, and cool vase by Noelle Nakama

and here is Spike! he is Laurel's dog, so cute and tiny... I think he will be in the CAB show too!

(November 27- December 20th)
First Friday Reception: Friday, December 4th, 6-10pm
Galleries are open extended hours during the sale:WEDNESDAY – SUNDAY 12-8pm
*additional holiday cheer events Dec 13th and 20th 4-8pm

Monday, November 30, 2009

I heart Julia Galloway

Today, I went to Julia's workshop in Bedford gallery
It was the best workshop EVER!!!!!!
It's not about the techniques or tricks, It's just so cool to meet the artist
and understand how they reflect them into their own work.

I was just so happy the whole time, because I agree on most of stuff that she said.
And she is just so awesome!! there is no other word to describe her!!!

Me and Jason are lucky enough to get select into the show, It is such a honer !!!

I also meet Jess Parker!! I love her work as well. I think she is really under appreciated.
I wish can see her work more!!

there are lots of good pieces in the show, and Julia explain why she like to get multiple pieces from the same artist, so people can understand the body of work from the artist.

And here is mine!! She talk briefly about my work. I was just so overwhelm that I didn;t even remember what she said about my work....I really wish I can be her student...
anyway, Julia Galloway she kick ass!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can't move...

Seems like I done it again...over eaten
(is that right? sounds strange, maybe is just over eat...)
It's impassible to work in the studio when you have too much food in the tummy.
So I decide to work on some ear rings, and use the beads that I made.

I haven't touch my beads for awhile so I have to look for everything
especially with huge amount of food in my tummy made me extra slow today...

I made my beads couple months ago.
I like how they turn out but it's just take me too long to make anything.
so finally I got some time for it tonight so I made a couple set,
here is one of the set.

after working in beads it really made me wanted to go to studio and make pots.
I guess I lost my patience with jewelry making!!
anyway, can't wait to go back to studio and work tomorrow!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My holiday marathon kicks off this friday

Yes, my first holiday show open this friday in Compound gallery
you can check the info on the right side of the screen on the up coming event.

Holidayland is back!
November 27- December 20th

Opening Reception: Plaid Friday, November 27th 6-9pm (wear Plaid!)
First Friday Reception: Friday, December 4th, 6-10pm

Unfortunately I can't be at the opening...I will be in Santa Cruz with family.
but I will be waring plaid just to show my spirit :-)

Anyway, if you are in town. Stop by Compound gallery.
And wish you have a nice thanksgiving

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday = workday

If you have been visiting my blog for a while, you might notice that the Up coming event (on your right hand side of the screen) are getting longer and longer.
I still haven't put in my open studio info yet, but I will...

so I have been trying to get in studio more.
hope I can catch up with my shows.
And I have made some teapots, mugs and cups.
The usual stuff...

But while I was working in the studio, I just want to make something fun.
So I made some beer stein!
I am not sure how it would look or how good it will feel.
so I guess we just have to find out when is all finish :-)

well...I guess I need to go back to studio now.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life out side of studio.

Today is a really full packed day, which I enjoyed a lot
Since I love taking photos and not so good with words...
here is my day goes..

Beautiful day in Oakland, Noelle pick me up to go to the farmer's market
I love this farmer's market, always full of life and surprises,
check out the drawing of how to cut out a pomegranate
so cool...and check out this veges, it's taro roots. only a dollor each!!loves these beat up boxes...and this drawing makes me smile ;-)I was just so happy to see all these color pattern in the market.

After the farmer's market, Noelle and I drop off our work for Holidayland in Compound galley
It was soooooooooo cool to meet Lena. (gallery owner) I have to write about that other time.

Cats!!! I went to Ben and Sara to get my first guitar lesson, it was so much fun.
they are really really good teachers, I can't wait to have other lessons!!!Because I enjoyed my guitar lesson so much, I almost late for my class in studio one :-p
but made it just in time!!!

Guess what? after class...more cats!!! I am in haven :-)

we went to Tiffany's new house, it's such a fun time to hang out with old friends and catch up.
I can't believe I did all these in one day, it's a really FULL day. I really love this feeling...
work,play,work and play

Now it's midnight, but I want to work in studio...
because this is the best way to end a wonderful day!!
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