Monday, November 30, 2009

I heart Julia Galloway

Today, I went to Julia's workshop in Bedford gallery
It was the best workshop EVER!!!!!!
It's not about the techniques or tricks, It's just so cool to meet the artist
and understand how they reflect them into their own work.

I was just so happy the whole time, because I agree on most of stuff that she said.
And she is just so awesome!! there is no other word to describe her!!!

Me and Jason are lucky enough to get select into the show, It is such a honer !!!

I also meet Jess Parker!! I love her work as well. I think she is really under appreciated.
I wish can see her work more!!

there are lots of good pieces in the show, and Julia explain why she like to get multiple pieces from the same artist, so people can understand the body of work from the artist.

And here is mine!! She talk briefly about my work. I was just so overwhelm that I didn;t even remember what she said about my work....I really wish I can be her student...
anyway, Julia Galloway she kick ass!!!!

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  1. Congratulations Hue!
    P.S. I am now "following" your blog.
    Though I already follow it.


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