Monday, December 14, 2009

good times :-)

Wow, what a weekend...
Last weekend is our second weekend of open studio
also is my Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco.
So I have to do the set up all without Jason's help ;-(
Lucky, I change my display so everything can fit in my car!!

And this is where we sale in San Francisco, it's really nice and warm inside
also we have DJ the whole time (he rocks!!)

So this is my set up! and I can hide behind the shelves :-p

And I am so lucky that I am vending with Chanda, she is the one help me with EVERYTHING!!!
she teach me everything about the show's and also help me during the show!

And here is Chanda's boyfriend Chris! He is totally my savior!!!
he will come and help me just with a phone call, also help me pack up my car!!!
They are the BEST!!! Thank god I have them :-)

well, the show have lots of people coming and look and I got lots of good feedback
but since my items are in higher price range so my days are kind of slow.
so most of time I just play with my ruby's cube and cell phone or draw...

anyway, the best thing about this kind of show is trading with other artist!!
This is Erin and her mom!! we trade our work!! I got the pillow that she is holding in the picture.
It's so cute, I love it! and when Jason saw it, he said it is a really good trade!!

Also I trade with Laura, she made some awesome jewelery. It's very sculpture!
I really like it a lot, when I have money, that's something that I want to buy...

so that's my weekend! It's a lot of work to do this kind of show, but it's also very rewarding because you get to talk to other artist and people who appreciate your work.

anyway, now I am just happy that I can relax and catching up play farmvile (facebook game...)

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