Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Working like crazy!!

I got in to the Bazaar Bizarre(maker's fair)!!!

if you don't know what is Bazaar Bizarre you should check it out. It is pretty cool!! I have been working a lot in my studio

as you can see my small studio fills up pretty fast...

these are bisqueware, ready for glazing

excuse the mess :-p
I have been working on teapots, so much fun!!

also the square cup.
Anyway...time to get back to studio to make more work :-)
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

pictures that I took with my cell phone(animals)

Since spring is here, I guess is time to do some spring cleaning

so...I start with my cell phone :-)

I love taken random photo, if I have a small light camera

I would take picture ALL the time!

anyway, so I finally download the pictures from my cell

and here are some animals photos

This photo was taken last winter, and this cute little dog is Keyko's (my student at Japan town) Sheba

her name is Pochi, since Keyko just had baby so she can't come to my class anymore

so I haven't see Pochi for a while...

and this cool dog's name is Rocky!!
He is Megen's dog, I haven't see Rocky for a while too.
Megen have take Rocky to his parent's house because she is going to grad school

oh...I miss Rocky too

and this kitty's name is Stanly.
He was abandoned by my neighbor.
I let him come in some time when he is around, he is a really sweet cat

But he is gone too... some one adopt him
I miss him but I think he is happier with a good home:-)

and this is Basko (I think I misspelled his name)
he is Tiffany's cute kitty!! this was taken at Tiffany's house with the sock monkey that I made for her!

there still some more animal pictures but I guess I can only upload this many
so...that's it for now :-)
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Good day start with good breakfast!!

This Sunday I woke up really grumpy, Jason want to cheer me up so he made me the
Jason crape special...

It was so good...Thank you Jason :-)

After 20min....

So good.... But I was still grumpy...
So I went to Alameda flea market ( because I need some idea for display my work)

It was totally worth a trip, I tried really hard not to buy anything
because I don't want my display to mismatch
anyway... now is Monday
look back on Sunday, I really had a really cool day :-)
(even though I was grumpy the whole day)
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