Tuesday, December 22, 2009

chill out time :-)

Last weekend was so awesome!!
Because whole weekend just playing and no work!!
Especially don't need to worry about shows and open studio, ahh...so great :-)

anyway, Saturday is a very productive day for me.
I went to Takemi's open studio. He had a great set up for his pottery.
also I met Rokco!! He is Takemi's dog, so cute!!!

here are some photo of his work, and they are so nice and affordable!!
and I got a really nice vase!

after that me and Sara and Noelle went to the renegade craft fair in the city.
I bought some of the Christmas gift there, it's so cool!!

after the renegade, me and Noelle went to Compound gallery to check out the Holiday show

I just love their set up, I just love this gallery :-) everything is so cute!!

and that's not it!!

I also went to Ben and Sara's (different Sara) house for a music party.
I LOVE Sara's song, she is so great at making music!!

she was in two bend that night, both are so differnt but so cool in differnt way :-)

that's my Saturday! It was so packed with so much fun!!
anyway, I wish you also had a great weekend
and great holiday coming up!!


  1. Thanks for coming Hue! I'm glad you finally get to relax.
    Sorry we missed our lesson on friday. We will have to start up again in January. Have a good holiday.

  2. I'm finding your blog when doing a search for "Hue" (also the name of my hometown in Vietnam). That's cool!

    Truly love your work at huesculpture.com!


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