Monday, November 30, 2009

I heart Julia Galloway

Today, I went to Julia's workshop in Bedford gallery
It was the best workshop EVER!!!!!!
It's not about the techniques or tricks, It's just so cool to meet the artist
and understand how they reflect them into their own work.

I was just so happy the whole time, because I agree on most of stuff that she said.
And she is just so awesome!! there is no other word to describe her!!!

Me and Jason are lucky enough to get select into the show, It is such a honer !!!

I also meet Jess Parker!! I love her work as well. I think she is really under appreciated.
I wish can see her work more!!

there are lots of good pieces in the show, and Julia explain why she like to get multiple pieces from the same artist, so people can understand the body of work from the artist.

And here is mine!! She talk briefly about my work. I was just so overwhelm that I didn;t even remember what she said about my work....I really wish I can be her student...
anyway, Julia Galloway she kick ass!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can't move...

Seems like I done it again...over eaten
(is that right? sounds strange, maybe is just over eat...)
It's impassible to work in the studio when you have too much food in the tummy.
So I decide to work on some ear rings, and use the beads that I made.

I haven't touch my beads for awhile so I have to look for everything
especially with huge amount of food in my tummy made me extra slow today...

I made my beads couple months ago.
I like how they turn out but it's just take me too long to make anything.
so finally I got some time for it tonight so I made a couple set,
here is one of the set.

after working in beads it really made me wanted to go to studio and make pots.
I guess I lost my patience with jewelry making!!
anyway, can't wait to go back to studio and work tomorrow!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My holiday marathon kicks off this friday

Yes, my first holiday show open this friday in Compound gallery
you can check the info on the right side of the screen on the up coming event.

Holidayland is back!
November 27- December 20th

Opening Reception: Plaid Friday, November 27th 6-9pm (wear Plaid!)
First Friday Reception: Friday, December 4th, 6-10pm

Unfortunately I can't be at the opening...I will be in Santa Cruz with family.
but I will be waring plaid just to show my spirit :-)

Anyway, if you are in town. Stop by Compound gallery.
And wish you have a nice thanksgiving

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday = workday

If you have been visiting my blog for a while, you might notice that the Up coming event (on your right hand side of the screen) are getting longer and longer.
I still haven't put in my open studio info yet, but I will...

so I have been trying to get in studio more.
hope I can catch up with my shows.
And I have made some teapots, mugs and cups.
The usual stuff...

But while I was working in the studio, I just want to make something fun.
So I made some beer stein!
I am not sure how it would look or how good it will feel.
so I guess we just have to find out when is all finish :-)

well...I guess I need to go back to studio now.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life out side of studio.

Today is a really full packed day, which I enjoyed a lot
Since I love taking photos and not so good with words...
here is my day goes..

Beautiful day in Oakland, Noelle pick me up to go to the farmer's market
I love this farmer's market, always full of life and surprises,
check out the drawing of how to cut out a pomegranate
so cool...and check out this veges, it's taro roots. only a dollor each!!loves these beat up boxes...and this drawing makes me smile ;-)I was just so happy to see all these color pattern in the market.

After the farmer's market, Noelle and I drop off our work for Holidayland in Compound galley
It was soooooooooo cool to meet Lena. (gallery owner) I have to write about that other time.

Cats!!! I went to Ben and Sara to get my first guitar lesson, it was so much fun.
they are really really good teachers, I can't wait to have other lessons!!!Because I enjoyed my guitar lesson so much, I almost late for my class in studio one :-p
but made it just in time!!!

Guess what? after class...more cats!!! I am in haven :-)

we went to Tiffany's new house, it's such a fun time to hang out with old friends and catch up.
I can't believe I did all these in one day, it's a really FULL day. I really love this feeling...
work,play,work and play

Now it's midnight, but I want to work in studio...
because this is the best way to end a wonderful day!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bay area cup swap

I just check Ben's blog
He showed which cup he is going to bring to the cup swap.
so I decide to do the same!!
Hope to see many people show up and also get to see many cool work and meet the artist ;-)
here is my cup that I will bring it in tonight !!

And this is Jason's mug that he is bringing! I really like this one.

Anyway, if you don't know about this event.
Is not too late, you can still come :-)

and here is the info:

Anybody and everybody working in clay from the Bay Area. From beginners to professionals.

A cup swap amongst Bay Area clay artists.

The California College of the Arts,
Oakland Campus- 5212 Broadway (cross street College Ave.)
Noni Eccles Treadwell Ceramic Arts Center

Thursday, November 12, 2009. 6:00-9:00pm
6:00-7:00 - Arrive, drop off your cup, get a number for the random
drawing, socialize, check out the department, etc.

Drawing for cups begins at 7:00pm

7:00 and beyond? -- Enjoy a cupful and socialize with other Bay Area Clay

Get a new cup, see some new work, meet some other clay artists, maybe promote your studio, your school, your classes, or your gallery to a cross-section of interested people.

Bring a cup that you are proud of to the cup swap. Anything that qualifies as a cup (mug, teacup, goblet, beer stein, yunomi, tumbler). The focus is on functional work, but if sculptural is your thing, make sure it's at least cup referential. Add it too the pool of cups. Starting at 7pm we'll start a random drawing to find out who gets which cup. Feel free to bring food or drink for potluck style snacks, but don?t feel obligated to.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trio of Oakland potters Part II

So these are the other photos that I took ;-)
Mainly is my work, because last posting is showing Jason and Noelle's work

So now it is my turn ;-)
I sold couple cups while I was there, but I have no idea who bought it and I wish I can sale it all!!

And I sold these four little bear at the show as well, they are one of my favorite series
It's four different bear talking about dinner ;-p

And here we are with Yvonne. She is one of the owner of Surface gallery.
I am so happy that she found us after all these year. (we went to school together-SFSU)

after the show (we actually sneak out before the show ends...) we went to get some basque food
OMG!! It was LOTS of food!!! And Mike's niece fall a sleep on the dinner table..she is so cute!!

And after the gallery hours, we went to crystal palace to have a drink. (except me)
It is a really cool place, if you like country will love it!

It is kind of dark, but it is me, Jason Mike and Noelle :-)
That's how our wonderful night ends!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trio of Oakland potters Part I

This Friday, Nov.6th is Jason, Noelle and my show's opening in Bakersfield.
We all are really excited to see how the show will turn out.

It was a really beautiful day, I was amazed by the weather and the sight that I see on the way to Bakersfield.

after 4 and half hour later, we are at the show :-)
It was so beautiful...

Yvonne and Vicky did an amazing job setting up our work!! I took lots of pictures, of the show.

and here are some of it!!

This is the shelve they build for me, we all have a different section in the gallery.

they also build a shelf for Jason's cups as well.

this is Noelle's shelf. (they build our shelf base on her shelf)

Jason's installation shot.

Jason's bottle ;-)

Here is Noelle and her pieces

they are really amazing, I love her color and images ;-)

I will post my part on the next one, too many pictures!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Objects of Virtue

Yeah!!! I just found out I got in to "Objects of Virtue"

It is a
National juried exhibition of functional pottery show in Bedford gallery

And these three pieces are going to the show ;-)

What really made my day is that I got pick by
Julia Galloway.
Julia Galloway's work. Her work is amazing!

Anyway, I am so excited!!

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