Monday, July 20, 2009


Yesterday I was so grumpy...
because my kiln didn't fire off, which means all my glaze are HALF way fired
and this is what it looks like

I know what you think..."oh, it doesn't looks too bad!"
But I think my camera didn't do the justice on this one.
so I got my best-worst example

Check out this one!!

It's so bad that I really like it, I think I will keep this one the way it is

and maybe make a sculpture out of it

anyway, now I need to pack up all the pots and re-fire them in San Francisco
oh...wish me luck, because you never know if the second firing going to save them or kill them..
keep your finger cross for me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer time

I LOVE go to farmer's market
especially to the one by the China town in Oakland
It's the BEST farmer's market ever!!!

Their vendor's price are good, and have so many different variety of food

Now, with warm weather and lots of food in season, it is just a treat to go and see all different food.

Not only you can see all the food, you get to smell them too!!
you can smell flowers, herbs and many yummy food!!

anyway, this week I got luck that I talk Jason into go to the market with me

I had so much fun because I got to take all these photos and shop at the same time without carrying any of my purchase!! haa~

anyway, when is the last time you went to farmer's market?

If you want to go, I am always available :-)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dealer's Button

Most of my friends knows that I LOVE poker.
Even though I am not a great poker player, but I love the game of poker.
and it just happen someone ask me to custom make dealer's button.
But this dealer button is a dog tag for a doggie name "Button".
and here she is!! (I think is a she...)

She is sooooo cute!!!

And here is her button (dog tag). Too bad in the photo I can't show the back side, it have her name and phone number. This is the first time I mad dog tag, it was fun!!

This is the picture that I got from her owner after he got the tag,
Anyway, I hope Button loves the button that I made for her!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to work:-)

Wow... time goes by so fast...
It's almost been a month that I haven't work in my studio. (shame on me:-()
I am not sure why? maybe is the weather? It's just so nice out side the whole time,
why would I stay in the studio??Anyway, finally I got my self into the studio for few hours today! Yeah!!
and I was happy that I did that,
because that reminded me how much I miss working in my studio.

here are some new stuff that I am working on--big latte bowls (with handle).
I really enjoy making them, it was nice little break from the shape.
anyway...time to go back to my studio now :-)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Birthday weekend

Just got back form a awesome trip to Mendicino, lots of cool people, houses, dogs and food!!

now is time to clean up my studio and ready to crank up some more work ;-)
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