Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life out side of studio.

Today is a really full packed day, which I enjoyed a lot
Since I love taking photos and not so good with words...
here is my day goes..

Beautiful day in Oakland, Noelle pick me up to go to the farmer's market
I love this farmer's market, always full of life and surprises,
check out the drawing of how to cut out a pomegranate
so cool...and check out this veges, it's taro roots. only a dollor each!!loves these beat up boxes...and this drawing makes me smile ;-)I was just so happy to see all these color pattern in the market.

After the farmer's market, Noelle and I drop off our work for Holidayland in Compound galley
It was soooooooooo cool to meet Lena. (gallery owner) I have to write about that other time.

Cats!!! I went to Ben and Sara to get my first guitar lesson, it was so much fun.
they are really really good teachers, I can't wait to have other lessons!!!Because I enjoyed my guitar lesson so much, I almost late for my class in studio one :-p
but made it just in time!!!

Guess what? after class...more cats!!! I am in haven :-)

we went to Tiffany's new house, it's such a fun time to hang out with old friends and catch up.
I can't believe I did all these in one day, it's a really FULL day. I really love this feeling...
work,play,work and play

Now it's midnight, but I want to work in studio...
because this is the best way to end a wonderful day!!

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