Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can't move...

Seems like I done it again...over eaten
(is that right? sounds strange, maybe is just over eat...)
It's impassible to work in the studio when you have too much food in the tummy.
So I decide to work on some ear rings, and use the beads that I made.

I haven't touch my beads for awhile so I have to look for everything
especially with huge amount of food in my tummy made me extra slow today...

I made my beads couple months ago.
I like how they turn out but it's just take me too long to make anything.
so finally I got some time for it tonight so I made a couple set,
here is one of the set.

after working in beads it really made me wanted to go to studio and make pots.
I guess I lost my patience with jewelry making!!
anyway, can't wait to go back to studio and work tomorrow!!

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