Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy summer :-)

Yeah!! Me and Jason finally give in and pay for our internet!!
Now I can do more updating for my ETSY and my blog

The last month was really busy,
I don't even know how we both mange to do it all

well, it kind of a lot to list out what we did in the last couples weeks
I think
picture is worth thousand word(or million?)
so here are couple pic of the Bazaar Bizarre at the Maker's faire

I had a lot of fun! there are so many people that I can't go walk around to see all the fun stuff!!the organizer was really awesome, they even prepared snack for all the vendors! was a two days event, and I had lots of fun also learned a lot form the shoppers :-)

The weekend after the Bazaar Bizarre it was Jason and my open studio!

we also have Noelle Nakame came over to show with us!!

and this year's open studio was a great success!
now two weeks after open studio, I am finally ready to make more new work!!!
Can't wait to go back to studio and make more pots!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My cup on ETSY!!

This past week was so busy, Jason is doing woodfirng and
my sister is visiting me also doing Bazaar Bizarre on weekend

so I just kind of running around like crazy, finally have time to sit down and check my email
and I got notice from squareware that my cup is in her treasury

too bad when I checked, the posting was expired.
good thing that squareware put the picture on her blog so I got to see it

now, you can see it too :-)

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