Wednesday, September 23, 2009

snail... you are slow but you are finally here!!

About a month ago, I got a special order from a customer.

She told me that her and her boyfriend's mascot is snail
(there is some inside joke ;-p I won't share, haa...)

so she wants me to make some snail mugs for her. And it turn out really nicely!!

And she came up with the what the snail says, it's super cute!!

but I won't translate for you (ha..ha...)

anyway, I love do special order, because I can know the person who is going to use the work

and knowing they will love the animal drawing because they truly love that animal :-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

studio time :-)

I love working in my studio in the morning time.
The sun lid up my studio, it just fell really welcoming :-)

I know my studio is not very neat...but this is how I work :-p
anyway, this week I have to glaze my's my least favorite part of making work
I guess because I haven't get it figure it out yet

well...I am going to have a kiln load out today, and we will see how it look
(cross your finger for me)

oh, and this batch is for a group show in Surface gallery
I can't wait to see my work in the gallery!! yeah!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trip to Bonny Donn

Last weekend we have a long weekend - Labor day

so we decided to go back to Bonny doon

Bonny Doon is where Jason grow up. I always love to visit

It is just a beautiful place :-)

And Jason's dad is a great at working in his garden

Everywhere I see just beautiful color and shape

also a lot of yummy home grown food ;-)

I could just spend whole day in the sun to take photos

and I found something very cool!! This piece of wood looks like a piece of bacon!!

so I call it bacon wood, I loves it!! It is a outer layer of tree, so cool!!

I almost brought it home with me, I was going to give to my friend Ginger

because her boy friend LOVES bacon...

anyway, this short trip is just what I need it

now I have all the new energy to work in my studio ;-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

new work!!

After a month of summer camp

I finally have time to work in my studio

These are my new plate that I made couple days ago

And here is the close up for the turkey plate

I can't wait for them to get fired

I also just got a new load of glaze ware
oh...I really love spent time in studio ;-)
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