Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pacific Grove Art Center show!

This friday me and Jason went to Pacific Grove for our art opening
and the show is in down town Pacific Grove (really close to Monterey) 

It is a group show of bay area artist, mostly clay work.
because of my crazy schedule in summer time 
so I took out my old sculpture that I made before I switch over to pottery

I made this piece two years ago, It good I get to see it out of the box.

anyway, the trip to the opening was really fun and the space is so awesome.

we all get to hang out in the end and had a wonderful day by the ocean :-)
now, after the relaxing day, I need to start to prep for the Renegade this coming week.
Wish me luck !

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Production time...

This couple weeks I have been stay home and work.
Because the Renegade Craft fair is coming up in one week

and next week I will be working for the summer camp whole week
so I can't work in the studio. Anyway, I will be glazing this week.

if you want to get the newest work, please come to Renegade on the July,31 and Aug,1

see you there :-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lucky me :-)

Lately all my time was taken over by the summer camp
so I didn't have any extra energy to cook or clean up the house
Luckily Jason got time!!

I love taking photo of food, especially home made food.
and Jason cook all these meals. Yumm...

First pictures is the roast chicken and gravy, so good!

next morning is egg and hush brown, OMG!!!
I LOVE hush brown!! so damn good.

also we have chill, it was good!

and yesterday morning we have blueberry pancake!!
Soooooo good!!

I am so lucky that Jason love to cook, guess busy is good so I don't need to cook at all :-)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer camp time!!

I was crazy busy this couple weeks, because
The school is out!!  that means summer camp for me!

This summer I am working in two different camp 
one is studio one and another one is parkday school summer camp

all these photos are from the parkday school summer camp
and the picture below is one of my favorite piece in this camp 

everyone get to do a story plate, they can either pick a story they like or make up a story.
and this particular plate is the toy story 3, she made woody and buzz light year.
So adorable!!!

This is a great summer camp. And in the end of the week they have to present their art work.

because they have sewing class, they get to do a runway show!

It's Soooooooo adorabel!!!!

and I tough many kids to draw sock monkey, and this guy loved it!!
so he drew on the bag that he made, soooo cute!!!

a lot of kids draw with me during the play time, and I got so many of cool drawing
but I left them at camp (because I was rushing cleaning up...)
If I get it back I am going to post it so you can see how awesome some of the drawing are!
happy 4th of July!!!

and summer rocks!

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