Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You learn something new everyday...

Today I got an email from Ayumi Horie, (she didn't know me, I just sign up for her email news)

I am so glad to sign up for her email news, she always update her website and keep people interesting in it. And from this email she shows that she have a youtube video and it is so cool!!!

I link her youtube here because it is sooooooo cool, I hope everyone can see it!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am an aunt now!!

Last week I got a phone call after my class, as soon as the phone ring I knew the baby is here

and here is my niece!! I still don't know her name yet

Jason don't believe you can tell if the baby look like their parents,
he think baby just looks like monkey...
he think you can only tell if they look like their parents when they gets order

But I think she looks a lot like my sister :-p
and here is my nices with my sister!

Time goes by so fast, I can't believe she is a mom now.

I still think I am a kid still... is that a good thing or not?

anyway...I am a aunt now!!!!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

cool stuff

I took these picture last month when I went up to Napa to help Jason unload the wood fire kiln

these pictures made me wonder if I need to make any art work?
because all around us there are many cool stuff is just too cool the way it was made.
just like these stuff in the picture.
for me, that's art work.

as an "artist" ( I am not sure if I am one yet...) sometime I don't think I can create something like that, so simple also have a use in the life.
I hope I didn't make too much junk.(my work)
I guess is all up to the viewer to decide what is junk and what is art
If you are reading this far you might think, what the hell is she talking about?
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My first english blog...

Finally I get over the fear of writing in english. Even though I know I will make a lot of grammar mistake and spelling mistakes, but I is the time I should start my blog.
Because I don't have a face book or myspace ( I know they both are the same thing...) so I thought this might be a good way for my friends to know what I am up to now.

oh, the newest news from me is...I made my first Etsy sale!!! and this is the cup!!
I thought I will never get a sale through Etsy, but it actually happened!! Now this cup is with it's new owner in Indiana.

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