Friday, April 15, 2011

Master Potter Workshop: A Day with Julia Galloway

I just sign up for Julia Galloway's workshop in May,
can't wait for it!! 
She is defiantly one of my favorite potter 
and the last time that I talked to her I felt I learned so much in a really short conversation. 
And I am so looking forward to this workshop.

If you want to join me, below is the information

Julia Galloway, Director of the University of Montana School of Art, will be making and decorating pottery. She will discuss pottery forms, wheel throwing and altered forms, slip surfaces, cone 6 glazing, idea development and historical influence. Enjoy a slide show about Julia’s work and a talk about historical pottery and how ideas have developed over time. Big talkers, shy potters and technique seekers all welcome! Doors open at 9am. Bring a potluck item to share for lunch. Cosponsored by the Walnut Creek Clay Arts Guild, Association of Clay and Glass Artists and Trax Gallery.

Sa, 10:00 AM-4:00 PM, May 21

                Julia Galloway; Studio E, Civic Park Studios
                Fee: $77; ACGA Fee: $67
                WC CAG Fee: $42; Classes: 1

Go HERE to register or call (925) 943-5858

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Toy!

Right before I go back to Taiwan, I bought a used slab roller for myself.
I always wanted a slab roller. And now...I got one!!
It have been sitting in my studio waiting for me to get back from Taiwan.
Since I got back I have not been working, because of the jet-lag, classes and other excuses. 
But this whole week I told my self it's time to get back to work, 
so I try to figure out the best way I can fit the slab roller and other equipment.
Today...I finally use it for the first time in my studio:-)
I have to say, I kind of miss using my good old rolling pin.
But I think I will get use to this awesome addition to my equipment list very soon.
And beside the slab roller I also got something from Jason... I will post later on.
My studio now is getting better and better, yay!!! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vacation time in Taiwan.

I know I have been slacking updating my blog,
recently I took a trip back to Taiwan to see my family, I haven't been back to taiwan for a year,
so it was really nice back to home and just do NOTHING!

This is my niece she is two now, I spent most of time play with her during my trip.

beside doing nothing and playing with my niece I also eats really well every meal.

anyway, I am back to oakland now and I am all charge it ready to work!!

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