Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trio of Oakland potters Part II

So these are the other photos that I took ;-)
Mainly is my work, because last posting is showing Jason and Noelle's work

So now it is my turn ;-)
I sold couple cups while I was there, but I have no idea who bought it and I wish I can sale it all!!

And I sold these four little bear at the show as well, they are one of my favorite series
It's four different bear talking about dinner ;-p

And here we are with Yvonne. She is one of the owner of Surface gallery.
I am so happy that she found us after all these year. (we went to school together-SFSU)

after the show (we actually sneak out before the show ends...) we went to get some basque food
OMG!! It was LOTS of food!!! And Mike's niece fall a sleep on the dinner table..she is so cute!!

And after the gallery hours, we went to crystal palace to have a drink. (except me)
It is a really cool place, if you like country music...you will love it!

It is kind of dark, but it is me, Jason Mike and Noelle :-)
That's how our wonderful night ends!!

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