Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trio of Oakland potters Part I

This Friday, Nov.6th is Jason, Noelle and my show's opening in Bakersfield.
We all are really excited to see how the show will turn out.

It was a really beautiful day, I was amazed by the weather and the sight that I see on the way to Bakersfield.

after 4 and half hour later, we are at the show :-)
It was so beautiful...

Yvonne and Vicky did an amazing job setting up our work!! I took lots of pictures, of the show.

and here are some of it!!

This is the shelve they build for me, we all have a different section in the gallery.

they also build a shelf for Jason's cups as well.

this is Noelle's shelf. (they build our shelf base on her shelf)

Jason's installation shot.

Jason's bottle ;-)

Here is Noelle and her pieces

they are really amazing, I love her color and images ;-)

I will post my part on the next one, too many pictures!!!

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