Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bay area cup swap

I just check Ben's blog
He showed which cup he is going to bring to the cup swap.
so I decide to do the same!!
Hope to see many people show up and also get to see many cool work and meet the artist ;-)
here is my cup that I will bring it in tonight !!

And this is Jason's mug that he is bringing! I really like this one.

Anyway, if you don't know about this event.
Is not too late, you can still come :-)

and here is the info:

Anybody and everybody working in clay from the Bay Area. From beginners to professionals.

A cup swap amongst Bay Area clay artists.

The California College of the Arts,
Oakland Campus- 5212 Broadway (cross street College Ave.)
Noni Eccles Treadwell Ceramic Arts Center

Thursday, November 12, 2009. 6:00-9:00pm
6:00-7:00 - Arrive, drop off your cup, get a number for the random
drawing, socialize, check out the department, etc.

Drawing for cups begins at 7:00pm

7:00 and beyond? -- Enjoy a cupful and socialize with other Bay Area Clay

Get a new cup, see some new work, meet some other clay artists, maybe promote your studio, your school, your classes, or your gallery to a cross-section of interested people.

Bring a cup that you are proud of to the cup swap. Anything that qualifies as a cup (mug, teacup, goblet, beer stein, yunomi, tumbler). The focus is on functional work, but if sculptural is your thing, make sure it's at least cup referential. Add it too the pool of cups. Starting at 7pm we'll start a random drawing to find out who gets which cup. Feel free to bring food or drink for potluck style snacks, but don?t feel obligated to.

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