Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birthday weekend.

This weekend is Jason's birthday.
also is Mike and Noelle's moving day :-)

because Jason don't like to celebrate birthday, so I pre-celebrate for him:-)

at first we though we are just going to hang out at their new house.

But they plan a birthday party for him!! we sing birthday song for him.
and check out what he got for the birthday gift!!
Twinkies baking set!!!

and...AB Isolator!!! haa...
this is so awesome!!

anyway, it was an awesome weekend!!

and I want to Thank Mike and Noelle being such a good friends!!
you guys rocks!!!

And ...Happy birthday to Jason!!


  1. happy birthday to jason!
    l.o.v.e. faheema!

  2. Ab isolator for the "chubby gentleman"?


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