Monday, June 7, 2010

Thank you!!!

Last weekend was our first week of open studio.
I have many people that came just to see my work, I was so flatter!!
For many years I have done the open studio with Jason but this year was very special for me!!
Because I got people that came just for my work!
I never though I would have anyone that would came just to get my work, but this year...
it happened!! It made me feel so special!!!!
I just want to thank everyone that came to my open studio, you are the one that makes me wants to make a better work!!
Thank you!!!!!
If you miss last weekend's open studio, you should come this weekend
June 12 and 13 from 11pm-6pm
come and have lollypop with me :-)


  1. hi Hue - thanks again for my cups! thank you to Jason too! I love both your styles and work!! I expecially in LOVE with my whale cup!!! thank you.

    I think I had heatstroke and was starving to death so I wasn't the most vibrant visitor I'm sure - but it was great to meet you finally and see your space! Will see you at Renegade. good luck at your open studios next weekend.

  2. Thank you Linda!! It is so great finally meet you! Can't wait to see you at Renegade and we can chat more :-)

  3. Ugh! I got scheduled out of no where to work next weekend, which is when I was planning on visiting. Bummer! I'm curious, do you have any sloth cups?

  4. funny that you asked, I am firing some custom sloth cup for a customer. I will post it soon after it got out of the kiln :-)


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