Sunday, October 25, 2009

warm apple pie

This weekend Jason and I went back to Santa Cruz for his friend's wedding. It was a really nice beautiful weeding, and this wedding didn't have wedding cake. But instead they have more than 20 different kind of pie!! It was so awesome!!

anyway, after that I just want to make pie... and what a good timing!
Bob's apple trees are all ready for picking!! and we pick and pick and pick tree produce tons of apples!!! we only been picking for 15-20 min and we got all these box filled with apples

Since Jason and I not a big fruit eater and Bob don't have time to make Juice this year
so all the apple are going to food bank(or something like that)
And with Bob's home grown apples, tonight I made my first apple pie in my life :-)

(those are Jason's chubby fingers)
all I do is get the receipt form internet and my frozen pie crest

after an hour baking and hour cooling, all the work pay off!
It was good! not awesome but pretty good.
I think my next pie I will try to make my own crest.


1 comment:

  1. Awesome Hue! Looks super good.
    Are we still on for tommorow?
    Let me know.


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