Monday, January 17, 2011

Empty Bowl Marathon!

The Berkeley Art Studio would like to give to those in need, and we need
your help.  We will be participating in The Empty Bowls Project.

The Empty Bowls Project is "a grassroots movement to help end hunger." 
The premise is simple: potters make bowls and then sell the bowls with
soup in order to raise money for a hunger charity.

The studio would like to participate in this worthy project.  During the
week of January 17th the Berkeley Art Studio will be open for people to
come make bowls.  The studio will donate clay and glazes.  If you want to come and make some bowls with us please let me know or call ASUC art studio :-)

And I will be in studio on Jan,18 and 19th. If you have time please come join us for this meaningful event.
if you have any questions please call us at

Berkeley Art Studio


  1. Nice blog, welcome to visit for us sharing knowledge

  2. Hue... I don't know if you are familiar with this amazing animal... but I think they would be perfect for your pottery.

  3. wow, it's super cute I have to draw one!! My friend check the EVERYDAY too!


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