Monday, December 6, 2010

Cup Show this thursday!

Last weekend was our 4th winter open studio!!
It was a lot of fun and a great turn out! we had many friends that came to sale with us
also it's great we get to hang out and chat!

I was so happy to hear from some of the shopper that get my shows information from my blog.
For really long time I thought just my family and friends reads my blog, but from my last couple shows
people tells me that checking my blog is how they know where to find me!
(thank you to whoever that is reading my blog, and excuse my Chinlish-chinese/english)

and, here is my next show!
I think this show is going to be a great show/party!! 
can't wait to see all the artist and hang out with them, if you are in berkeley area
stop by this thursday night! it will be fun!!

time to go back to studio to work some more.
see you soon:-)


  1. hi Hue! I get an F for not making it this weekend. Tiff and I were sooo close.....and soooooo tired. I hope it was a great sale and I look forward to seeing you thurs!!

  2. slackers!!! haaa...just kidding, I know how hard it is after a long night of party!! can't wait for the Thursday night party again! Party on~


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