Thursday, August 19, 2010

half way summer report

well....after all the craft show and summer camp, really tired me up
but after two weeks of watching endless youtube taiwanese TV and getting a iphone
I am all feeling better and ready to make more work :-) 
Last week whole week I was helping Jason setting up his show in college of Marin
It was a lot of hard work, we paint the pedestal, sanding pieces, touch up wall and many more.
but in the end it is totally worth it!!

well...while I was there, I took many photos with my new toy(iphone)
but still have to organize it before I put them on :-)
and sorry for not posting any Jason's work, 
because he don't want people to see his work till the artist reception
(Which is Sep,1 Wednesday from 7-9pm)
hope to see you there!!!

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