Monday, August 2, 2010

Renegade Craft fair

This weekend is my first year in Renegade craft fair.
I was really excited about this fair because I always come to Renegade to shop and every time I found something awesome.

this year I become one of the vender, it was really awesome and fun.
and I meet some more people, and one of them put me on their blog

also many friends came by and check out my stuff. 

and my booth is really close to the back exit, so I keep want to check out the view outside.

It was a really beautiful weekend. 

big thank you to everyone that came to the show!! thank you!!


  1. hi Hue - I've been out of town and then on vacation for a couple weeks; I missed Renegade, bummer ;( I hope you had a great show! Your booth looks great!

  2. Thanks Linda!! It was a fun show! Hope you had a good vacation and can't wait to see your new work!!


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