Monday, July 20, 2009


Yesterday I was so grumpy...
because my kiln didn't fire off, which means all my glaze are HALF way fired
and this is what it looks like

I know what you think..."oh, it doesn't looks too bad!"
But I think my camera didn't do the justice on this one.
so I got my best-worst example

Check out this one!!

It's so bad that I really like it, I think I will keep this one the way it is

and maybe make a sculpture out of it

anyway, now I need to pack up all the pots and re-fire them in San Francisco
oh...wish me luck, because you never know if the second firing going to save them or kill them..
keep your finger cross for me.


  1. Bummer Dude!
    It's true that the one with the glaze hanging off looks cool though.
    Why did Jason not have your kiln in top working order?

  2. because he got so burn out by fixing all the kiln in school so he neglect our own kiln... :-(


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