Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fan letter :-)

After I got back from Taiwan, (I was there for 10 days for my sister's wedding)
I got this surprise in my mail box!
A Fan mail!!!

It's so sweet that someone really like my work that she wrote me a post card, so sweet!!
I have been not very motivate in my studio work because of all the extra weight and prepping for the new arrival (in 10 weeks, yaks!!) but I will keep this card in my studio to remind my self to keep working even the baby is born!!
Anyway, it really made my day, and I want to say thank you to Sara for sending me this lovely postcard!!

By the way, I haven't been good at keeping update for my blog, as you know why...
but Jessy Lu launch a project on kickstarter, it's really cool. I think she is so great at the blogging and keep her idea really focus and clear. If you want to support this project, please pledged!!
below is the info, please check it out!!

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