Saturday, September 25, 2010

thinking of holiday...

I have been working in my studio little bit more now after the crazy summer camp is over.
I have been thinking about my pricing.
all my work are about $30+
so many people don't want to spend that much money all at once .
 and I don't want to lower my price either because I put in so much time into each pieces.
so I decided to make a line that is smaller so people can afford my work.
anyway, I am still testing out my idea and see how they will come out.
and these are the "shot cups" hope people will like them :-)


  1. your work is so amazing i would pay a million dollars for it...if i had a million dollars that is.

  2. good thing is that my work does not cost million dollars :-) hee...hee... you should think about coming back to bay area for holiday sale. I always keep a spot for you for our winter open studio!! miss you!!


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