Tuesday, April 27, 2010

open studio postcard

I have been trying to get some images for our open studio event in June.
here are the final three.

Jason direct me on this one

I kind of like this one the best, but Jason doesn't like the fact that both of our pots got cut off

and simple approach.
I think we might just print the first one. Just because we both work on it(the layout)
What do you think? who ever read my blog, help....


  1. I like the first one the most. Second place - the second one. I like to read your blog.

  2. Thanks dude!! I am sending out the image to print today!

  3. Which did you choose? I liked the second one the best. :) Then the first.

  4. we picked the first one! Can't wait to see the print out!

  5. oooh, Hue - definitely coming to your open studio! love the post card - great choice.

  6. Yeah, it will be cool that I can finally meet you :-)


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