Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two weeks in Taiwan

I haven't update my blog for a while is because
the past two week, I was in Taiwan visiting my family.

Two weeks pass by so fast that I couldn't even believe it.
When I was in Taiwan it was also my dad's birthday, so the whole family went out to celebrate.

we also took a short trip in Taiwan, since I am always in US so it's hard to get a family photo (but I am not in this one). So this trip we got tons of photo.

I also get to hang out with my niece, she is 14month old, and this is the second time I seem her so I really enjoy spent time with her.

And play with all the pets that we have in Taiwan, cats and dogs.

and of course...the best part is the food.
Two weeks just seems to short. But I have to come back to teach :-(
and get back to studio.

Anyway, that's why I haven't post anything new :-p

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