Wednesday, February 17, 2010

no studio time for me :-(

I know I haven't post my blog for a while but I have good excuse...
I have been teaching high school kids for over a month now!!
It's s special program that work with studio one, so I get to be these kid's teacher for two months.

and I have three more class left with these kids, times fly and I know when it's done I will miss them a lot.
these pictures is shoe project, it is our last project, I know they really enjoy the class because they become really quite in the class and just want to work on their shoes.

In the beginning of the class, they have hard time to figure out what to do, but they have improved so much and they got a lot more focus and better understanding of how to work with clay.
It's a great feeling that I feel my student really learned in my class, it's totally different satisfy feeling when you make work in your studio.
I will miss them for sure, but also glad that I will finally able to work in my studio again :-)
Can't wait to see them finish their shoe :-)

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