Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OMG!! I got nominated!!

Today when I check my email, I found out I got nominated for the ceramic artist category on the poppytalk's handmade Awards Event.

OMG!!! I was shock!! (happy shock of course) not only because I got nominate but also nominated with many clay artist that I really respect, like Ayumi Horie, element clay studio, Future Retrieval, Kieffer ceramics, Rae Dun and Whitney Smith. These are some artist that I would vote for myself. If you would like to vote and check out all the clay artist that got nominated you can click here

well, since the poppytalk link to my blog, so I figure to post some of my work so people know what I make. And if you like it, vote for me!! (I am under PIKAHUE)

I love animals, and I always feel like they can talk to you. so when ever I darw a animal I always write down what I think that are saying. And I alaway write in chinese because I feel most comfortabe with my own language.

anyway... if you like my work, vote for Pikahue!!
One vote will be allowed per computer and only one vote per category. The voting commences effective today through to January 25th at 11:59 pm, if you would like to vote for me you can vote under PIKAHUE! Thank you again!!

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