Saturday, August 22, 2009

Last day of summer camp :-)

This month I have been working with couple different Oakland Rec center

Mostly for art summer camp programs

It was really fun to work with many different kids, that teach me to become a better teacher.

The past week I have been teaching in in Monclair rec center

I am the art summer camp teacher, and I teach puppet making!!

It was so much fun to talk to kids, it's amazing they have so much energy
and they have lots of cool imaginations and ability to draw very freely

It was really fun and cool job to do for summer

I'm sure I will miss them because we spent whole weeks together

but I am also looking forward to have more energy to work on my own studio ;-)

anyway..I can't believe August is almost over...

I need to start working more in my studio!

I promise next blog posting I will have some new work :-)

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