Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy summer :-)

Yeah!! Me and Jason finally give in and pay for our internet!!
Now I can do more updating for my ETSY and my blog

The last month was really busy,
I don't even know how we both mange to do it all

well, it kind of a lot to list out what we did in the last couples weeks
I think
picture is worth thousand word(or million?)
so here are couple pic of the Bazaar Bizarre at the Maker's faire

I had a lot of fun! there are so many people that I can't go walk around to see all the fun stuff!!the organizer was really awesome, they even prepared snack for all the vendors! was a two days event, and I had lots of fun also learned a lot form the shoppers :-)

The weekend after the Bazaar Bizarre it was Jason and my open studio!

we also have Noelle Nakame came over to show with us!!

and this year's open studio was a great success!
now two weeks after open studio, I am finally ready to make more new work!!!
Can't wait to go back to studio and make more pots!!

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