Sunday, March 8, 2009

Something that I am working on :-)

I know I haven't post anything for awhile...
I really wants to post more often,
but my old computer just don't want to work with me sometimes

anyway, couple weeks ago I made these for jewlery

they are pretty small, but they are jewelery!

I fired them last week to cone 5 without glaze
they doesn't come out as good as I want them to be
but I was expecting them like that (because this is a test)

and I just bought some new slip for this, I think it would looks nicer in the new slip

Also, I cast some mold that Tiffany gave me, I turn them into salt and pepper shaker
and these molds are so cute!!

anyway, I have been working in my studio a lot more now
also I have working with wheel too,

can't wait to post some of my wheel work :-)
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